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The illustration on the cover and back is by artist Al Dorne. My best guess from the front left ... Dorothy Kilgallen, Arthur Godfrey, Tallulah Bankhead, Morton Downey. I don't know whose head that is facing the other way.... on the right ... Owner Sherman Billingsley and (his wife?) ... to their right is columnist Walter Winchell ... below him on the bottom right is Lana Turner(?) ... and could that be Joan Crawford's eyes on the bottom middle(?) ...or that could also be the back of her head on the bottom left. If you recognize any of these celebrities, please email me. Anyone know where this original painting is located today?

Here's the the inside of the Stork Club Menu, from which diners picked their favorite meal. Of course, the sirloin steak is always great, but I'd suggest the shad roe with bacon. These are specials of the day that are stapled on. This is the season when the shad return to New York's own Hudson River and the city has its very own fishing industry at this time of the year.

Stork Club Menu



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