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Tips on Tables - Robert W. Dana - August 1, 1945

Glen Island Casino Enchants Those Who Like to Dine in Luxury

One of the most enchanting dining-and-dancing rendezvous in this part of the country is the Glen Island Casino, overlooking Long Island Sound at New Rochelle. For many years the handsome two-story structure, perched majestically among the stately trees that dress the small island, has issued its yearly call to romance, and the youngsters and oldsters have responded with almost equal enthusiasm.

Glen Island Casino

By all means try to snare a table on one of the small balconies that jut beyond the French doors off the second-story dining room. From that vantage point you can eat your meal, hear the music of the orchestra and take in such refreshing sights as courtin’ couples sitting on the stone wall by the water’s edge, young crew huskies practicing their strokes in one-man shells, steamboats passing each other in the twilight and the lights of Fort Slocum blinking sleepily in the distance.

Possibly one reason for the casino’s smooth operation is the fact that it has two managers. Eugene Flohr is general manager and Karl Brandon is resident manager. But you can’ t overlook the wise and gentle direction of Fritz Dittrich, maitre d’hotel. Fritz who has been at Glen Island for 14 years, is a walking history of the place and he can tell you what, why and wherefore of the many name bands that got their start there.

Many Choices Given.

Well-balanced family dinners are featured, with a a la carte menu for those who want to look further. On the family dinner you have a choice of appetizer or soup, entree, vegetables, salad from a wooden bowl, dessert and coffee.

Fillet of sole saute amandine. roast prime rib of beef with pan gravy and lobster casino with butter sauce and saffron rice are specialties in the entree department. Other typical selections are roast stuffed Vermont turkey with giblet sauce and Spanish omelet.

If you take Fritz’s advice on dessert you will choose coupe St. Jacques, one of those tasty fruit and ice cream combinations that finishes off a dinner of regal style.

Dancing After Dinner.

While eating over you will either get up and dance or sit and listen to the music of Shorty Sherlock and his orchestra. About 10 o’clock the band begins to jump and the kids with a jitterbug upbringing make the floor unsafe for those who look upon the waltz as a snappy rhythm. The only bad thing about visiting the Glen Island Casino is going home. It’s a bitter pill to swallow.

Menu Memos: Glen Island Casino, on Route 1 (Shore Road), New Rochelle. New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad to New Rochelle, then cab or Fort Slocum bus to the casino. Family dinners, served from 7 to 9 p.m., $2 to $3. A la carte menu entrees from $1.25. Cocktails from 45 cents.

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