Tips On Tables

Tips on Tables - Robert W. Dana - December 22, 1942

Steaks in Demand At Jack Delaney’s

Although you might find some decorations in tune with the Christmas season at Jack Delaney’s, popular Greenwich Village steak house at 72 Grove St., in Sheridan Sq., the chief picture you’ll take away is one of horses, horses, everywhere horses. Fortunately they’re not included on the menu, or you’d be dreaming of the nags all night.

The Jack who started it all about 15 years ago no longer runs the restaurant, but at least he’s close to his old love, since he still maintains an apartment upstairs in the building and occasionally stops by to say “How.” He used to have a prize collection of pigeons housed right outside his home, but he gave them up.

Was Breeder of Horses.

About the horses. Delaney was a breeder of race horses and it was natural for him to use the nags as appropriate decor for his restaurant. On the wall of each booth is the name plate of a great horse. Elsewhere are horse collars, an ox yoke, bits, steins and Paintings. Saddle-shape bar stools lend a further horsey tone to the bar.

You see a jolly kind of crowd at Jack Delaney’s - folks with good appetites and good ears for the kind of piano music Jack Lane serves up. Steaks are always much in demand, with only choice meats used. The minute steak with French fried potatoes is priced at $2.25, the sirloin for $3.60 and the filet mignon with mushrooms for $3.75.

It also has a fine reputation for special dishes like sauerbraten with red cabbage, creamed spinach and kartoeffel kloesse and corned beef and cabbage. Some of the other dishes are schnitzel a la Holstein, mixed grill fried chicken in the basket, broiled Wiltshire hamsteak and smorgasbord. The latter, with dessert and coffee, is served for two or more at $2.25 a person just as in Sweden.

Table D’Hote Service.

For the convenience and the pocketbooks of some customers who dislike ordering from regular a la carte menus the restaurant has simple dinner menus with a few items like Irish lamb stew en casserole with dumpling and potatoes for $1.35, chicken friccassee with steamed rice and green peas for the same price and broiled filet of bluefish for $1.25.

Menu Memos: Jack Delaney’s Restaurant, 72 Grove St., in Sheridan Sq. American menu featuring steaks, chops and Continental specialties like sauerbraten and Wieners chnitzel. Table d’hote lunches from 95 cents to $1.50. A la carte dinner, entrees from $1.25. Wines and liquors. Piano playing by Jack Lane. Open daily.

Below are postcards for Jack Delaney patrons that could be filled out and mailed from the restaurant.

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